Mother Nature Well-Being Adventures are the perfect union of combining the medicinal effects of nature and the empowerment of outdoor adventure, guided by Dr. Jillene Lund through a journey of physical, mental, emotional training, self-love and compassion to arrive at a destination adventure that at one time appeared out of reach due to perceived mind-body limitations. Mother Nature Well-Being Adventures, the length of a day, a weekend or a week, are an opportunity to allow love and compassion of self and others to transform fear into non-fear and transform vulnerability into joy.


Individualized Fitness Training Programs especially for people working with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and the general aging process who want to Climb Mt. Rainier, participate in physically demanding outdoor adventures or to improve general physical fitness.


Courses taught include Nature-medicine Wholistic Well-being continuing education for healthcare professionals and adult community classes at the Nature Well-Being Institute located on Alder Lake, WA.                                      Teachings are focused on learning how to create and sustain the vibrational alignment of Well-being through the experience of play, exploration, and creativity within the medicinal serenity of mother nature. A truly unique and memorable adult learning experience.


Nature-medicine Well-being Retreats customized for individuals, couples or groups focusing on play, exploration, creativity, relaxation, and bodywork to allow and receive a well-being experience of balance and alignment within the medicinal serenity of mother nature. The retreats are located at the Nature Well-Being Institute with over-night accomodations on the shore of beautiful Alder Lake, WA surrounded in magnificent views of Mt. Rainier, High Rock, and Storm King mountains.


Mind-Bodywork Sessions as a licensed physical therapist Dr. Jillene Lund, DPT, CMP delivers wholistic and effective therapies, blending western/eastern and indigenious/modern techniques—Sessions focus on synchronizing  Muscle, Joint, Spine, Myofascial, Energy, Electromagnetic Field, Lymphatic and Thought vibrational tune-ups and alignment with emphasis on independent self-care techniques to sustain restored improvement in Well-being alignment attained during session.

     —mind-bodywork techniques and self-care Well-being alignment instruction include joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, passive stretching, muscle energy technique, nerve gliding, myofascial release, High Touch Jin Shin, Deep tissue Lomi Lomi, Allergy Elimination Technique, Red Light Laser Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Biomagnetism, Reiki and Therapeutic Massage.


Sessions are 55 or 85-minutes, quarter-hour increments may be added to meet your needs and improve your experience.


FitAlign/YogAlign Exercise Instruction & Posture Assessment a self care program to improve mobility, balance/agility, and core strength to relieve chronic physical limitations, minimize the physical effects of aging, and to maximize the participation in outdoor adventures.



Jillene is the one of the best physical therapists I have had the pleasure of knowing. She truly listens, understands, and fixes my aches and pains, usually within one session (I can really be a mess sometimes so several visits are in order). I visit her often in order to remain physically and mentally healthy. The essential oils Jillene uses help me relax and decrease my pain level. I highly recommend Mountain Time Wellness!

Barb Tope



“Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”
John Muir



Cost is dependent upon Length & Components of Customized Programs, Courses, Retreats and Outdoor Adventures.

Mind-Bodywork Sessions (see below for details), Posture, Core Strength, & Breathing Assessments,  and individual FitAlign/YogAlign Exercise Instruction start at $95 an hour.

Please contact Dr. Jillene Lund for further information, collaboration and scheduling:

call/text: 360-402-6184 or email:






Treat your body prior to your Climbing School, following a long day of Climbing School, and at the conclusion of your climb or final day on the mountain.


Treat yourself to a personalized vacation experience to nurture the healing power of your mind, body and spirit. Enjoyable experiences await you, while you’re waiting for a family member or friend who is on the mountain.

Deep Tissue Mind-Bodywork

55-Minute $95
85 -Minute $130

Direct deep pressure to areas of muscle and joint strain unwinds knots, releases tension, and provides overall relaxation. A combination of many therapeutic traditions will provide relief for over-worked muscles and fatigue from an active, hard working lifestyles.

Stress Relieving and/or Relaxation Mind-Bodywork

55-Minute $95
85-Minute $130

Medium to light depth soft tissue work soothes sore and tired muscles and gently harmonizes your inner and outer self. High Touch Jin Shin (energy work) and breathing techniques help lengthen muscles, increase energy flow, decrease inflammation and reduce mind-body tension.

Sports Medicine Mind-Bodywork

55-Minute – $115
85-Minute – $155

Physical therapy evaluation and bodywork customized to your individual needs. Includes stretching, taping, and specific exercise techniques to alleviate pain, inflammation, and compensation patterns associated with chronic or acute soft tissue, joint, and nerve injuries from sports, repetitive use, or physical trauma.

Make time for a day trip or staycation with my friend Dr Jillene Lund ~ extraordinary Physical Therapist, Healer, Teacher and Refreshing Blessing on the planet. Try the relaxation massage in a Peace filled space. She was instrumental in assisting my recovery from thoracic surgery last year. I both personally and professionally as a Reg. Respiratory Therapist highly recommend Dr. Jillene Lund

Elizabeth Essig

“You ought to find all your might, to climb a higher height.”
Lailah Gifty Akita