In 2007, Dr. Jillene Lund, DPT, CMP adventured to Vashon Island on a day trip with a girlfriend. “I was working with in a P.T. clinic and my friend and I felt rejuvenated and changed by the feel of ‘island time,’” says Jillene. “Realizing how out of alignment we were by practicing physical therapy in that type of clinical setting—governed by insurance rules dictating treatment.” Jillene came away knowing she needed to alter her work environment, and in turn, to be of greater benefit and service to her higher self, her future clients, and to the world by creating a business that is focused on empowering clients toward wellness and balance and providing services for the whole complete person.

“I realized for my positive personal and career evolution I could no longer work focused on disease and separateness, but I needed to create a way to practice physical therapy that focuses on wellness and wholeness.

My soul-purpose is to empower others to go beyond their percieved fears and physical/mental/emotional limitations to find vibrational alignment with well-being, by encouraging a shift and transformation from a perceived reality based on fear and scarcity to a perceived reality based on love and compassion through the experiences of education, outdoor adventure, retreats, and mind-bodywork.

That is where, I believe, the experience of inner peace, limitless possibilities, heaven on earth and the potential for world peace and the cure of dis-ease exist,” she says


I spend a lot of time hiking, snowshoeing, and riding my bike in and around Mount Rainier National Park. Earlier this Summer I had back pain that was preventing me from doing all the activities that I enjoy. My primary doctor referred me to a spine specialist who suggested surgery. That was not an option that I wanted. I contacted Jillene Lund at Mountain Time Wellness in Ashford and got an appointment the same day. By just looking at my posture and alignment she knew exactly what was wrong. She has such incredible knowledge of how the human body is supposed to move. Jillene spent one and a half hours with me. I left feeling no more pain and tightness. I was able to move around more freely. Now I can hike or ride my bike all day without any symptoms. I occasionally see Jillene for individualized therapeutic massage that relieves any tightness or pain that pops up from time to time. I am so grateful for Jillene she has saved me from having unnecessary spine surgery. I highly recommend Jillene’s service to anyone who is having physical issues.

Ann S.


Dr. Lund holds a doctorate degree in physical therapy, a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and psychology, and is a Certified Mulligan, Reiki, Jin Shin High Touch, and Bio-magnetism Practitioner. She practices Tai Chi Chikung daily and is studying Medical QiGong, Aromatherapy, and Medicinal Herbology. She has been practicing orthopedic physical therapy since 2000.

She specializes in wholistic physical therapy education, assessment, and treatment techniques, self care assessment and treatment techniques, mountaineering and yoga sports medicine, adrenal fatigue, stress reduction education and techniques, posture alignment, complex chronic pain, and shoulder rehabilitation.

Jillene is a teacher and developer of the ZenShuk Wholistic HealthCaring Well-being Guide continuing education seven courses series and certification program, and offers day and weekend wellness retreats in Ashford and Alder, Washington. She is also a FitAlign Posture Training Instructor.

Dr. Jillene Lund lives near Mount Rainier, the Nisqually River, and on Alder Lake. She is passionate about combining mountain adventure with an empowering experience of healing and well-being.

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.”
John Muir