Mountain Time Wellness is the premiere Wholistic Nature Well-being Institute facilitating mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being alignment through education, retreat experiences, outdoor adventures, training programs, and injury rehabilitation focused on empowering and inspiring alpine guides, alpine athletes, and people of all ages and physical abilities to reach for elevated greatness. Mountain Time Wellness is a Private Membership Healthcare Association.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”
Barry Finlay

After three days of hiking, Jillene worked out my sore spots and I felt ready to go the next day. She was flexible: fitting me in late in the evening. Not only is she talented at bodywork, she has a kind and intuitive presence.

Deanna Carter

Mother Nature Well-Being Adventures are the perfect union of combining the medicinal effects of nature and the empowerment of outdoor adventure, guided by Dr. Jillene Lund through a journey of physical, mental, emotional training, self-love and compassion to arrive at a destination adventure that at one time appeared out of reach due to perceived mind-body limitations. Mother Nature Well-Being Adventures, the length of a day, a weekend or a week, are an opportunity to allow love and compassion of self and others to transform fear into non-fear and transform vulnerability into joy.

“I am often sad and humbled by my clients’ previous healthcare experiences and empowered by their spirit and committed to never quit living. I hope to empower as many people as possible—facing mind, body, and spirit challenges—who have big physical goals they would like to work toward and accomplish despite the challenges.”

Empowering You

Conquering mountains

Unbelievable success happens when you are seen, addressed and empowered as a whole person all at once and compassion is given and received. Amazing life changes are accomplished with the teamwork of two people who truly connect and work together for the greater good.

Our Philosophy

Mountain Time Wellness experiences focus on empowering the vibration of Well-Being by integrating Western and Eastern with Indigenousness and Modern-day approaches to empower mental, emotional, physical and spiritual alignment and balance, to elevate and connect you with your higher self and soul purpose.

To transform a way of living in fear and scarcity that underlies all dis-ease through self love and compassion and create a world of inner peace where dis-ease is replaced with auspicious alignment and beauty.

Fear makes you believe you can’t because you have disease, you have chronic pain, your too old, too physically unfit, or scared of failure and not being perfect, when the truth is you can.

Take the risk, go outside your comfort zone, through adventure all things are physically and mentally possible.

Jillene does a great job working with athletic mountain climbers as well as couch potatoes who find themselves near Mt. Rainier.

Jane Hodges






Fear is a momentum of energy that creates immobility, force or resistance. Symptoms of living in a Fear-based reality include a loss of self, a sense of divisiveness, a separation from soul, a state of unconsciousness, a resistance to love, and an inability to trust.

Compassion is a Love that knows the Greatness within another, is pure acceptance, inspires limitless possibilities, knows no judgement, and is the presence of patience and stillness.

Compassion is the Light of Love that allows a shift in the darkness, a transformation from Fear to Nonfear, into Inspiration and Freedom of limitless possibilities.

“Fearlessness is not only possible, it is ultimate joy. When you touch nonfear, you are free.”

Thich Nhat Hahn

“I realized for my positive personal and career evolution I could no longer work focused on dis-ease and separateness, but I needed to create a way to practice physical therapy that focuses on wellness and wholeness.”