“Recognize you are the truth.”


Forest Bathing & Sacred Campfire Circle

Celebration of Life!!!

 Experience the Healing Power of Trees. 

Forest experiences that captivate the art and science of Forest Medicine.

Creating Greater Calm, Creativity and Well-Being.

Experience with ALL YOUR SENSES the Forests of the Nisqually River Valley, WA

 Forest Bathing is connecting and being one with nature through engaging all your senses in peaceful activity.

 Forest Bathing utilizes the gifts of nature in the present moment to allow an experience of feeling and creating an integrated & peaceful place within your body, mind & spirit.

 Forest Bathing Activities: 

Tai Chi  -FitAlign Yoga  -QiGong  -Mindfulness Meditation  -Tea Ceremony -Self-Reflection  -Journaling  -Forest Story-Telling  -Campfires

-Life Celebrations

Forest Bathing Benefits Include:

-Reduction in Stress Levels & Blood Pressure  -Strengthens Immune & Cardiovascular Systems  -Boosts Energy & Mood  -Improves Mental Clarity, Creativity & Concentration  -Increases perceived level of Happiness  -Returns nervous system to balance improving sleep

 Who are the Guides?:

Dr. Jillene Lund, D.P.T. & Leif Jacobsen

 -Together have 40+ years of experience utilizing Forest Medicine to improve Well-Being  -Certified Instructors for Ho’oponopono, Tai Chi for Rehab, & FitAlign Yoga  -Experts in Crafting exceptional full sensory Forest Therapy Experiences 

Length of Forest Experience:

2-3 hours, 1/2 day (4 hours), full day (6 hours), and weekend (1 & 1/2 day)


Forests of the Nisqually River Valley, WA    ~(alcohol & drug free location policies)~


Adults of all ages and families, with and without mobility challenges.


Vary depending on size of group, length of experience, & activity choices.

 Please contact us for Scheduling and Rates:

 Mountain Time Wellness ~

Jillene Lund, DPT and Well-Being Specialist


360-402-6184 (text/call)

Reservations Required:

email: jillenelund@gmail.com

text/call 360-402-6184