When I first saw that there was massage therapy available at Rainier Base Camp (in Ashford, WA), I thought it was a really great idea, since the Whittaker Mountaineering operation is by default filled with people pushing themselves and their bodies to do more than their normal lives. When I woke up the morning after hiking all day with a persistently sore shoulder muscle, I thought it was a brilliant idea. Was able to schedule a same-day appointment, and was very glad that I did.

Dr. Jillene M. Lund, who is a physical therapist, was absolutely fantastic. The cabin where she works at the Base Camp is a peaceful space, set to the side of the property and decked out just right. Jillene’s approach to a massage session was holistic, going beyond just a focus on working out the physical ailments. And the massage itself was really fantastic, just what my shoulder (and the rest of me) needed.

I’ve just found an addition to my annual visit down to Mt. Rainier.

Emily O.

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Payment: Cash, credit card, or Health Savings Account card (HSA/FSA). *Health insurance is not accepted.

Gift certificates are available in any dollar amount and can be purchased online or at Rainier BaseCamp.

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Please allow a twenty-four hour cancellation notice of appointments to avoid a 50% cancellation fee.

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Judi Adler