Mountain Time Wellness is the premiere wholistic rehabilitation and wellness center for alpine guides and alpine athletes.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”
Barry Finlay

After three days of hiking, Jillene worked out my sore spots and I felt ready to go the next day. She was flexible: fitting me in late in the evening. Not only is she talented at bodywork, she has a kind and intuitive presence.

Deanna Carter

“I am often sad and humbled by my clients’ previous healthcare experiences and empowered by their spirit and committed to never quit living. I hope to empower as many people as possible—facing mind, body, and spirit challenges—who have big physical goals they would like to work toward and accomplish despite the challenges.”

Empowering You

Conquering mountains

Unbelievable success happens when assessment and treatment interventions address and empower the whole person all at once, in the same space. Amazing life changes are accomplished with the teamwork of two people who truly connect and work together for the greater good.

Our Philosophy

Mountain Time Wellness treatments integrate Western and Eastern approaches to empower mind, body and spirit balance to allow you to achieve your goals and connect with your higher self.

Jillene does a great job working with athletic mountain climbers as well as couch potatoes who find themselves near Mt. Rainier.

Jane Hodges

“I realized for my positive personal and career evolution I could no longer work focused on dis-ease and separateness, but I needed to create a way to practice physical therapy that focuses on wellness and wholeness.”