We care for people of all ages—from early teens to elders—and all physical capabilities from high-level professional athletes (mountain guides) to people wanting to have less back pain walking to and from the kitchen. In the summer, a lot of time is spent committed to serving the mountain climbing and guiding community. Courses taught include continuing education for therapists and adult community mind/body/spirit weekly classes.

“Each fresh peak ascended teaches something.”
Sir Martin Conway

It was the day before I was to begin my attempt to climb Mount Rainer and I had tweaked my back. I contacted Jillene at Mountain Time Wellness and she had me on her massage table in a small peaceful cabin within an hour. What she did was magic. Undoubtedly the best therapeutic massage I have ever had. She is also very friendly and a great conversationalist. And oh yeah, I summited Rainier two days later. Don’t believe I could have done it without her.

Jeff T.

Client Appreciation

“I appreciate the personal stories of my clients most. Their spirits and the light and love within their heart and souls,” she says. “I am humbled and honored to be able to watch them become more aware of their mind/body/spirit connection and through our time spent together seeing them become empowered by using tools to find their unique balance and peace within themselves in order to be in closer alignment with their higher self and purpose.

In preparation for my Mt. Rainier summit, I twisted my ankle pretty severely climbing Mt. Whitney in the California Sierras. There was A LOT of pain in my foot. The pain was so bad that I was convinced that I probably wouldn’t be able to summit Mt. Rainier. I showed up just to try to bare through the pain and make it to Camp Muir. By pure dumb luck, I found out about Jillene and her Physical Therapy practice in Ashford on the RMI property. WHAT A GOD SEND!!! She worked w/ me for two hours over two days to get my foot in hiking shape. I’m not sure if it was black magic or just pure skill but by the time my climb started, I wasn’t feeling the pain in my foot. I fully endorse and recommend Mountain Time Wellness to ANYONE who needs to get their body in a condition to hike Rainier. I went from hoping to make Camp Muir to summiting Rainier. Thank you Jillene! You helped me at the last minute make my climb a success from a stupid injury.

Matthew B.

Client Highlight

Dr. Lund has a client challenged with high-level Parkinson’s Disease. They have been working together for two years to maintain her client’s high-level of physical activity—such as climbing to Camp Muir monthly, hiking/snow shoeing weekly, biking 75 miles a couple times a week—all while being challenged with Parkinson’s Disease movement patterns.

Dr. Lund and her client have begun with a Wholistic Mountaineering Training Program so the client can attempt to summit Mt. Rainier next summer with guides that will be specifically trained to assist her with her unique physical challenges.

Jillene attended a World Parkinson’s Disease conference with her client in order to develop a program with the latest research on exercise specific to improve Parkinson’s Disease movement patterns. “She has attended all my community based wellness classes,” says Jillene. “She is absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to attempt a Mt. Rainier Summit—something all her friends have accomplished—and something she thought she could never accomplish due to her Parkinson’s Disease. Seeing her feel empowered has been an invaluable gift to share.”

The client has shared many times that before she worked with Jillene she felt all she was to the health-care system was a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, and no longer a whole person. “I am sad and humbled by her previous healthcare experiences and empowered by her spirit and commitment to never quit ‘living,’” says Dr. Lund. “I hope to empower many more people facing similar challenges who have big physical goals they still want to work toward and accomplish despite their diagnoses.”